Resources to support Open Classroom’s unique programs and events are generated through fund raising and family donations. These funds support initiatives such as technology in the classroom, the campus garden, art and music education, attending performances, visiting artists, exposure to different cultures, and many other educational elements no longer funded or provided by public schools in California.

Open Classroom PTO is a 501(c)3 corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

Open Classroom T-Shirts:
We have the Open Classroom classic tie-dye t-shirts, plus some in basic black. Contact to order.

Online donation via PayPal:
If you would like to donate online to Open Classroom, please click the PayPal “Donate” button below. You will be taken to a PayPal page where you can indicate a dollar amount. After indicating your amount and proceeding with your transaction, you will have the opportunity to indicate (if desired) a specific committee or cause to receive your donation. Otherwise funds will be added the the “General Fund”. You are not required to be a member of PayPal to utilize their credit card payment services.

Donation via personal check:
Make checks payable to OCPTO and send to:

450 Valmore Ave.
Ventura, CA 93003

If desired, please indicate on the MEMO line if you would like the funds to be directed to a current committee or cause. Otherwise funds will be added the the “General Fund”.

eScrip (Grocery, Major Retailers, Restaurants and Online)
Using club and credit cards, online sign up is easy and once completed, a portion of
your spending is donated directly to our school every month without you doing anything
else. Please invite family, friends and co-workers to register. While Vons is no longer a
member of this program, it is still the most comprehensive. It is a numbers game, so
schools with a lot of participation have received donations of over $20,000 a year!

Support the Fourth and Fifth Grade Trip by Recycling! Bring your California redemption value recyclables to school to support the 4th and 5th graders.  Your donations can help with scholarships or allow for additional activities.  We can use any glass, plastic, and aluminum containers that have the terms “CA Cash Value,” “CA CRV,” or “CA Cash Refund” on their label. This label is on all soda, beer, and water containers and some juices.  Please make sure the containers are empty; you do not have to wash them.  Please do NOT bring us wine bottles, milk jugs, or yogurt containers (but be sure to recycle them through the city’s curbside recycling program).

If you have small amounts, you can place them in the recycling bins in the classrooms.  If you have larger amounts, please let Ray Bransfield (also known as Terra’s dad) know so he can store them until the next recycling center run; in the interim, you can place them by the cage.  Contact Ray at 805 339-9779 or

Terra Cycle
TerraCycle is a fundraising opportunity which is kind to the earth and earns money and supplies for Open Classroom. Currently we are members of the Drink Pouch “brigade” (capri sun type pouches). Drop them off at school for processing – usually at Room 18. All items are recycled into other products reducing our carbon footprint.

We are collecting ink and toner cartridges at Room 18. Staples gives us a $20 per month “reward” toward school supply purchases when we turn in the used cartridges. Recently we were able to get glue sticks, dry erase markers, 72 pencils, 60 eraser tops, 500 index cards and a ream of paper. Every bit of it helps, and the students benefit directly every month from this effort.

Box Tops For Education
Collect box tops for education and deposit them in your child/ren’s classroom. There are collection envelopes in each room. These labels are worth .10 apiece and we earned $102 this year by collecting these little moneymakers. They are found on hundreds of products from cereal to trash bags. These are collected throughout the year and can be submitted at anytime for processing by the BTE coordinator

Labels For Education
These labels are mostly found on Campbell’s soup cans. These labels are redeemed for cash and/or supplies and can be collected throughout the year without restriction. Deposit these labels in the collection envelope in your child/ren’s classroom for processing.

Ralphs (Grocery and Online Shopping)
800-660-9003 (everyday 8 am – 9:30 pm EST) or

Target (Target)
Target gives 1% of purchases back to schools thru use of one of their credit cards.
800-316-6142 (24/7) or

Amazon (Amazon)
Using a portal with the word ‘smile’ in front of the usual Amazon link, it is the same
shopping site, but with the AmazonSmile Foundation donating 0.5% from eligible
purchases to our school.

Shoparoo (All Shopping Receipts)
App based, this program allows you to take a picture of your receipt from almost any
store or business. We get the bulk of our pts from referral sign up bonuses (150 pts!),
so please contact our fundraising coordinator before downloading the app to be referred.

School Cents – Pacific View Mall (Any Business on Mall Property)
Receipt based, schools get points based on the receipt amounts shown to Guest Svcs
(upstairs near Sears). Do this yourself or contact the fundraising coordinator for school
drop off locations, returning them on request. If you have a big appliance or jewelry
receipt, or your business buys bulk Visa Gift Cards thru the Mall, we’ll come to you,
receipt pick up may be arranged. Receipts from Sept 1, 2015 may be turned in any time
until the program ends April 30, 2016. 20 area schools are chosen to participate. In the
end, pts are tallied and the No. 1 school receives $2,500, with the money going down
incrementally to the No. 20 school, which earns $200. Schools earn the most points thru
bonus ops like ‘Food Truck Fridays.’ Strategize by checking the School Cents website
or getting their email. 800-539-3273 or