The Open Classroom Middle School (OCMS) is a part of the larger Open Classroom K-8 program, located on the Blanche Reynolds campus.  We are currently in our sixth year of offering classes at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, blending academic excellence with personal empowerment and healthy interdependence.  With two middle school classrooms, teachers have the ability to team teach, providing core academic, elective and physical education curriculum to small class sizes.  With an emphasis on technology in the classroom, OCMS students learn how to collaborate, research, organize, and present curricular and interest based topics.

Our middle school program follows the Open Classroom tradition of a student-parent-teacher cooperative.  With the focus on creating a family-school partnership team, this interaction and connection encourages families to be an integral part of their student’s education.  Parents are required to participate at least two hours per week, in a variety of volunteer capacities, both inside and outside of the classroom.  OCMS students benefit from student to teacher/volunteer ratios of 12:1, or less, allowing teachers to cover core material in small groups.  This enables teachers to give closer attention to each student, and a greater insight into individual’s academic strengths and areas in need of improvement.

However, what makes OCMS such a unique learning experience is our focus on the social and emotional growth of students.  During this crucial time of developmental growth and peer influence, our program strives to create an environment of safety and personal responsibility.  In doing so, middle school students learn how to interact in healthy and positive ways, and are given the social and emotional flexibility to be themselves in a learning environment that is understanding and supportive.

Open Classroom Middle School students graduate as well rounded leaders with academic and social confidence.  They leave our program empowered with the knowledge of their own learning styles, academic and personal organizational skills, an understanding of empathy and compassion, and as masters of cooperative learning experiences.