Integrated Arts

March 23, 2012 · Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts offers students a chance to explore similarities and differences in seasonal festivities, cultures, regions and the lifeforms of the world.

National Parks Day involved students in exploring the many national parks of the United States.  Students collaborated in multi-aged groups to research and present on different parks to different students.

In the Around the World Integrated Arts day, each classroom represented one or two countries. The students spent the days and weeks beforehand learning about their country. This included students making mock passports to use in their “travels” to the other classes. In K-1, the class learned about Italy. This included some Italian words, watching slide shows about the geography and cities of Italy, finding it on a map, coloring the Italian flag and cooking Italian food.

Grades 2-3 did Ghana, 4-5 class had Japan, and 6-8 researched the Caribbean Islands, Greece, and India. On the Around the World Integrated Arts day itself, the children visited each country in the school.   The students alternated learning about the other countries with presenting the information in their own classroom. Each classroom “country” had food, art, visual displays about the region, and other projects on display.