Located in beautiful Ventura, California, Open Classroom is an innovative public “school of choice” supported by a parent /teacher cooperative within the Ventura Unified School District. Since 1976, we have emphasized community-based learning designed to support the individual academic, social, and emotional growth of the whole child. Our educational philosophy is based upon the premise that everyone enters this world with innate curiosity and a desire to learn, and that the educational system should nurture this desire.

While our curriculum reflects state educational standards, student questions and curiosity act as important drivers of the classroom process. As active agents in their own education, Open Classroom students will:

  • Learn effective communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
  • Participate in the planning of their own project-based learning activities
  • Identify and develop individual talents and abilities, while learning to value the diversity of talents and abilities of others in the community
  • Engage in a variety of creative endeavors, such as art, science, music, drama, movement and mathematics
  • Develop real life collaborative skills with people of differing ages and backgrounds, while gaining self-esteem and confidence in an atmosphere of trust, respect and caring
  • Learn to take risks and be unafraid of failure
  • Apply individual and collective problem solving skills in an atmosphere that encourages diverse and critical thinking, imagination, and innovation

Open Classroom connects the family to the educational process through weekly direct parental participation in the classroom. Open Classroom respects the fact that intelligence is a multi-faceted phenomenon, and provides room for a variety of learning styles. Open Classroom is built upon the belief that education is a process best done with children, not to them. If these ideas resonate with you, maybe your family can find an educational home in Open Classroom.