What is Open Classroom K-5?
Open Classroom K-5 (OC K-5, OC) is a non-traditional mainstream learning environment where children become creative, critical, thoughtful, and independent life-long learners and thinkers.  In Open Classroom teachers, parents, and students work together to create an environment where students can become life-long learners who are passionately committed to the celebration of diversity, stewardship of the earth, positive interpersonal relationships and academic excellence.


Is OC K-5 a public school?
Yes, OC K-5 is a California state public school.

Is there a tuition fee to attend OC K-5?
No, as a public school OC does not charge tuition to any student.

Is Open Classroom K-5 part of the Ventura Unified School District (V.U.S.D.)?
Yes.  Open Classroom K-5 is located in and governed by the V.U.S.D..

Who is eligible to attend OC K-5?
Any student who lives within the V.U.S.D. boundaries may apply to OC K-5. Those outside these boundaries may apply for an Inter-District transfer.

What is the V.U.S.D. boundary school area for OC K-5?
There is no boundary school area for Open Classroom K-5.

May out-of-district students enroll?
Out-of-district students are admitted to OC K-5 on a space available basis and require an Inter-District transfer approved by both the student’s home district and the V.U.S.D.

What is an Inter-District Transfer?
Find out more about Inter-District Transfers: http://www.venturausd.org/childwelfare/districttransfers.htm

Why is classroom volunteer time required in OC K-5?
The OC K-5 daily classroom structure is based on parent volunteers working in the classroom.  Parent participation in the classroom is integral to supporting the OC teaching model.

Do I have to work in the classroom?  Or can my student’s aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc, work in the classroom for me?
A responsible family member over 18 years of age may work in the classroom in lieu of a student’s parent or guardian.

Do Open Classroom students meet the same standards as other students?
Yes.  Open Classroom K-5 is a California state public school and adheres to the same standards as any other California state public school.  The difference is in the way the standards are approached, taught and integrated into the curriculum.

I heard there is no structure in Open Classroom K-5, is that true?
No, that is not true.  There is a very specific structure to OC K-5 classrooms.  However, OC structure is very different than a traditional classroom structure.  Parents visiting OC K-5 for the first time may not recognize the structure that exists, as it is not the type of classroom structure they are used to seeing.

Is there homework in OC K-5?
Yes, OC students do receive homework.  The type, amount, and frequency of homework in Open Classroom may differ from what families have experienced if they previously attended a traditional school.

Does Open Classroom K-5 offer Special Day Class (SDC)?
No.  Open Classroom K-5 is a mainstream learning environment.

Is Open Classroom K-5 a Special Education school?
No.  Open Classroom K-5 is a mainstream learning environment.

Is Open Classroom K-5 the same school as the Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education?
No, Open Classroom K-5 and Ventura Charter School are separate schools.