• Students are guided to think critically communicate effectively as individuals and within groups so they can participate effectively in their lives and within a democracy.
  • Students learn effective social and communication skills to interact, collaborate, speak, listen, read, write, problem-solve, and make decisions effectively.
  • Students gain self-esteem, learn to take risks and be unafraid of failure, as they support each other in an atmosphere of trust, respect and caring.
  • Students work in small groups, collaborate on projects, and apply their learning to real-life problem-solving and decision making.
  • Students are challenged to become resourceful and work in a self-reliant manner as well as cooperative interdependent ways.
  • Students become active participants and contributors to the community and world around them.
  • Students are engaged in learning processes that are intrinsically motivating, hands-on, socially interactive, experiential, and that inspire our students to become life-long learners.

Open Classroom Parents:

  • Parents are connected to the educational process by a parent cooperative and community in which parents collaborate to support all the students , teachers, and each other in and out of the classroom.
  • Parents work as partners with teachers to better understand and support their own child(ren)’s interests and academic and social emotional growth.
  • Parents bring a wide variety of enrichment, community resources, and diverse life experiences to our student’s educations.
  • Parents commit to at least 4 hours per week of in-class parent volunteer time for each child in the program, participate on one or more parent committees, help provide community snack, and participate in our two annual fundraisers.
  • Parents are members of the non-profit PTO and can participate in discussions, decision-making, and be elected to PTO board position to influence and support the improvement and quality of all of our student’s educations.

Open Classroom Teachers:

  • Teachers engage our K-5 students as planners, organizers, decision makers, and active participants in their own learning.
  • Teachers integrate state standards with students’ interests and responses to the local and global world around them.
  • Teachers collaborate with each other, parents in their classrooms, the PTO, and the school district to assure high-quality curriculum and learning experiences, as well as academic accountability.
  • Teachers coordinate parent education, facilitate opportunities for a supportive parent community to develop and coordinated parent volunteer’s efforts and contributions within the classroom.

Open Classroom Educational Philosophy:

  • We support each student’s right to innate curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm.
  • We support the whole child and each child’s unique interests and understand that the best learning takes place when a student learns because of his or her own desire to learn.
  • We support each child’s unique abilities, creativity, and expression, and value diverse abilities, perspectives, and thinking as students actively engage with and respond to the local and global world around them.
  • We challenge each child to identify and develop their innate talents and their intellectual, creative, and leadership potentials.
  • Open Classroom respects the fact that intelligence is a multi-faceted phenomenon, and provides room for a variety of learning styles.
  • Open Classroom is based on the theories, practice, research, and traditions of open and progressive education in which education is a process best done with children, not to them.