Open Classroom parents are actively involved in their child/ren’s education! Parents are required to work in their child/ren’s classroom/s one morning each week, and are involved in many committees, activities and events both inside and outside of the classroom.

Classroom Participation:
4 hours per child per week
One morning each week from 8am to 12pm

Snack Contribution:
Periodically bring a healthy snack for your child’s whole classroom

Parents work on at least one OCPTO Parent Committee per family per year

Parents participate in all OCPTO major fundraising events.  Current Major fund raisers are the Harvest Moon Festival and the Jog A Thon.


General Membership Mandatory Meetings:
At least one parent or a representative from each family attends the OCPTO General Membership Mandatory Meetings held in the Fall and in the Spring of each year.  Regular OCPTO Meetings are held monthly and are open to all parent members.


Parents are asked to approach the Open Classroom K-8 Philosophy with an open mind, and always support the learning process in the classroom.  The Open Classroom Philosophy of education is based on the ‘whole child’ approach.  Academic approach may not always appear to be linear, and children’s progress may not always appear to be measurable in the traditional sense.  New parents are occasionally concerned that they do not see the academic work progressing in the traditional manner which may be more familiar to them.  Questions about this approach are welcome; please make a point to ask them when the teacher can answer them without interrupting class time.